Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vice Ganda's Rumored Boyfriend

Ever wonder who is the current man rumored to be Vice Ganda's boyfriend? Nope, it's not Jon Avila, also it's not Kean Cepriano and it's not Ryan Bang either. But the man was identified to be Terrence Bill Romeo, a member of FEU men's basketball team.

Vice Ganda in his different interviews  claimed that he is currently in a relationship but refused to divulge the identity of the person. In one of his interviews, Vice Ganda hinted that his boyfriend is an athlete. He also said that the most expensive gift he ever gave to a man is a motorcycle. There was also time in one of the episode in "Showtime" that he greeted Terrence and uttered jokingly "At tsaka yung bagong boyfriend ko si Remeo ng FEU, Charot!".

Also, Vice Ganda is always visible in the crowd every time the FEU basketball team has a match. FEU is also the Alma Mater of Vice Ganda.

Well, this is just a speculation and nobody knows the truth unless he will confirm this or deny. 

Watch here the video where he greeted Terrence:

More interactions with the FEU Basketball team:


Anonymous said...

tika, sa UAAP pa po cya hnd pa PBA third year player ng FEU tamaraw at point guard/shooting guard..imposible yan

stephen said...

Sorry, I will correct it. Thanks for the info.

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