Friday, July 6, 2012

Pauolo Avelino, avoiding to mention LJ Reyes and his child

LJ Reyes and Paulo Avelino
Most people not seemed to know that Paulo Avelino has a child already with LJ Reyes. Paulo Avellino and LJ Reyes are both products of reality artista search show called Starstruck in GMA-7. That’s why it caught me a surprise that I never heard him announced this information in public. Perhaps, this is a decision of his mother network not to mention any information about this or to keep this a secret to protect his image. I feel sad for LJ because no matter what people say and dictate, they are still a partner. And if you suppress this person to acknowledge that, “hey this is my girl and I have a child”, that’s kind ‘a hurtful.

In a recently concluded Urian Awards where he won Best Actor for Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Paa, I never heard him thanking nor he acknowledge his girlfriend, LJ Reyes and his child. The name of the child is Ethan Akio.


Anonymous said...

Say Alonzo on that pic. not Lj Reyes..

Botchiki said...

OO nga no? Anyway, I'll change the picture. Thanks!

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